EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing Services:  Reaching Out to More Consumers

With the new EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) system implemented by the USPS and the availability of EDDM printing services, it is now easier for businessmen reach the clientele that they want to do business with:  their own neighborhoods.

This new mailing system is the most cost-effective ever since printing and delivery of mails costs just about fourteen and a half cents apiece.  That’s less than 15 dollars for every one hundred mails.

Plus there’s much convenience you can enjoy with printing services.  You get the letters or brochures sent to your clients without being required to know their names or their street addresses.

Two Options

You may choose EDDM or EDDM-retail service depending on your needs.

  • EDDM-retail service is chosen by most businessmen for its being better in terms of cost-effectiveness – as you are not required to get a permit for postage by an EDDM printing company.  Here, you are allowed to send up to five thousand pieces of mails in a day.

Another advantage is:  you can prepare your mailings and present them to the Post Office counter that has direct contact with your target people.  There, you have the option to pay with check, or debit card or if you have cash, cash.

  • Non-retail EDDM is the best option for those who intend to send large numbers of mails.  However, you will have to deal with your district’s BMEU or Business Mail Entry Unit.  The advantage is here is that you may ask to use the permit number of your mail center or your printing company to do business faster for you.

What Benefits EDDM Printers Have for Your Marketing Efforts or Strategies

Technological advancements have been benefitting businessmen in many ways.  Particularly, technological advancements allow us to get important messages across to as many people as possible.

  • EDDM allows reaching as much consumers as possible.  With printing services around, it is possible for you to reach each and every doorstep in your target neighborhoods.  Your message or the knowledge about your products can be shared with the most number of people.
  • EDDM allows more flexibility in making your messages clearer. You need to employ more strategies to bring in more customers to your company and those mails are just the vehicles that you need.  Through them, it is possible for you to insert in menus, coupons, event calendars, store maps, and so much more without additional charges.
  • Unlimited space for your messages.  With EDDM, you can be flexible with sizes.  That makes EDDM very ideal for something that covers from in-depth analysis of company and product stories down to hurried sales announcements.

Using a Local Printer: A Way to Get Started

Local printers and mail providers can not only produce for you the mails to be delivered.  They are also helpful in delivering the mails to the local Post Service with a little additional price.  Additionally, they are the ones you can run to every time you need to clarify about something in this business.  EDDM printing and delivery services are some of the powerful tools you can get to make your business quickly grow.

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