Business Identity Cards:  Factors Affecting Your Identity

Identity cards are essential for every person and are used with widest range of options. Almost every company uses this important item. Identity cards help in making identification of your company and employees at ease. Moreover, identity cards serve more purposes than just simple identification.

Uses of Identity Cards


The fundamental use of identity cards has been for identification purposes. Your company can provide your employees with identity cards to help their colleagues recognize fellow employee. However, your clients and customers can spot your employees easily at the trade shows and conferences. The company identity cards must be with the employees. They need to wear this. There are several marketing strategies implemented for PVC identity cards.

Security is another issue which can be enhanced with the help of identity cards. You can also restrict to certain areas by creating identity cards with magnetic strips. You can also create access points for your own facility. People who don’t have appropriate access to identity cards can never get access to these areas. You can also create separate identity cards for your visitors.

You can boost efficiency by creating unique identity cards. These are some of the tasks which you need to do while creating identity cards. This includes logging in and out of the company. Your employees and staff will never have to face a long queue for writing entry details. Just, they can swipe their identity cards on the panels in order to register the time.

Significance of Identity Card Designs
In order to achieve the identity card functionalities, you have to ensure                that the identity cards are designed in the proper way. Moreover, a good design requires portraying an appropriate image of your company. You should want your employees to be proud that they work for your company and also showcase pride by displaying identity cards prominently. A very poor design will make things impossible for your employees in order to show their pride through identity cards.

Identity cards can be designed in various ways. When you manage to get each of these designed correctly, you can create an excellent identity card for your employees and staffs.
Material Used for Identity Cards
This is the primary facet of identity card. The materials used for identity cards must be of good quality. It requires being strong and durable so that it can last for a long time. The identity cards will undergo some rough usage in due time. So, the materials used for identity cards must be strong enough in order to withstand the damage.

It’s better to avoid paper stock for your identity cards unless you are planning laminating them. Paper is fragile compared to the other materials. Laminating the paper can ensure longevity for your identity cards and will make it more resistant to damage. An alternative for your identity cards will be to use PVC. PVC is much stronger than paper and is resistant to damage.

You should never use identity cards which have not been properly coated. Coating identity cards can increase their resistance to damage. A good coating will ensure that the card is protected against these elements. Lamination is a very good option and can be used for paper and PVC identity cards.

However, lamination is not an effective protection against every element. Too much of sunlight can cause the inks to fade. There are some special coatings that make your identity cards weather proof. These coatings are helpful if your customers are going to spend a considerable amount of time on the road.

The inks need to be chosen with care. Inks meant for paper will never look good when used on PVC. You can also give preference to the inks which are fade resistant and UV resistant. You need to use good quality inks which can last for a long time.

Shape and Size
The standard shape for identity cards is a rectangle. This is the best shape for identity cards. You can also go for oval or square shaped identity cards. However, it’s best if you ignore using unusual and striking shapes for identity cards. Though striking, they will reduce the professional image of your identity cards. If you are looking to create a bold statement, you have to keep your identity cards decent and elegant.

Identity cards are sized similar to the credit card. When it’s possible for you to create smaller identity cards, you need to avoid unusual shape. The information of identity cards will be difficult to read when these are printed on smaller identity cards. In addition to this, they can get misplaced that can create different set of problems. The identity cards which are of bigger size are a great possibility. Moreover, you must remember that large sized identity cards are difficult to carry around.

Photo Quality
Every identity card needs a photo of an employee or it has no value as an identity card. You need to ensure that the photo used for the identity cards is of high quality. Good quality photographs will ensure that the reproduction is clear. The photographs must be in full color or else it will be difficult to recognize the face.

A logo represents vision, goals and attitude of any company towards his business and customers. These are specific in terms of logo. Companies give stress on the logo which matches with the services and with targeted customer’s prospects.

Color Printing
When printing identity cards, it’s very important to remember that the printing must be done in full color scheme. White and black identity cards look very unprofessional and it will make the photograph of the person difficult to recognize.

If you want you can take help of a professional printing agency in order to get the identity cards ready. They never charge a lot of money from their services, especially if they are online. Thus, a strong corporate identity is important for any organization irrespective of sizes. A small company having a strong corporate identity can beat the strong contenders. In other words, the brand image of the company, organization or business is very important to its success. Your organization can draw new customers through strong corporate identity.