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Coach potatoes they are not. beats by dre Paul Trebilcock and Simon Donato definitely do not like to hang out at home. These two besties would be rather be navigating the globe, tackling nine of the biggest, baddest and most punishing endurance competitions from Mongolia to Mexico. Tuesday and we got the adrenalinechristian louboutin sneakers uk junkies toburberry scarf uk slow down for a few minutes to chat.

You guys are unstoppable! Where do you get your motivation?SD: Strangely, I get amped up and motivated by the suffering. I’m probably past the point in mycheap beats by dre uk life where I be able to slam dunk a basketball or throw a 90 mph fastball, but Boundless continually reminds me that when the desire is strong and the body is willing, anything is possible.

PT: I don’t think is a question of motivation.christian louboutin sneakers uk I think it’s more of a adrenaline addiction. Once you start pushing the limits you get this buzz, burberry scarf outlet it causes you to ask yourself, burberry scarf sale How much further can I push myself? You christian louboutin mens shoes then realize your limits are much higher than you realized.

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