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Yard Signs: An Inexpensive Way to Get Your Message Out

The yard signs are affordable marketing materials at $4 per square foot for the custom-designed and the fade-resistant plastic yard signs. The orders in high volume come with the wholesale discounts and thus, bring the price down while the repeat customers can ask for the loyalty discounts.


With the affordable costs, the yard signs are the most cost-effective and an efficient way to communicate for your target audience. You have to just place the pieces of the signage in the yard or in the outside area where the passersby easily see the yard signs and start reaping the benefits. The secret is that the yard signs are excellent and lead the generators when these are designed and placed in a very effective manner. Some of the effective tips on designing the yard signs so that these can catch the attention of the target customers.


  • You can choose for the double-sided yard signs so that the passersby from both the sides of the traffic can read the message.


  • Use colors which are prominent with the attractive color combinations. This must be no-brainer considering that your eyes can see the colors before going through the message. For instance, you can include the white on green as well as yellow on red. You must be careful to avoid combining of two colors like green and yellow. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples
  • You can keep your message very simple so that it can read in very few seconds. The two lines of the text followed by the direction, like the arrow is satisfactory.


  • You can also use an arrow instead of the full address. People follow the direction of the arrow tan to think of the venue of whatever event is promoted.


  • Opt for the bigger signs which can be easily seen. You have to be sure to use the open fonts and use the white space.


For the placement of the yard signs, keep certain things in mind:


  1. Place the yard signs at least 12 to 17 inches above the ground. Point the yard signs in a single direction.
  2. Keep a 10-feet distance from the road of the yard signs which will comply with effective marketing and the local laws.


  1. Try to place the yard sign against the existing structures in order to keep these for longer. Make sure that you don’t use the property of the local government.
  2. With the effective design as well as placement, the yard signs have to be effective so that your message gets noticed by the exact person.


Yard Sign: A Low-Cost Advertising Tool


The cheap yard signs like the ones made from the coroplast are the popular items which are used for media advertising, especially the low-cost advertising methods. If you want to achieve great response for the business ventures, then you have to consider this strategy instead of turning the modern methods of advertising which are expensive.


The use of the coroplast as the material for making your yard signs is the reason behind the low cost of this advertising material. You can make use of the large or the small advertising yard signs without worrying about the cost of the signs. The coroplast printing is the type of material which is double-walled. It’s supported by the flute, which is the type of the wall which ensures the durability of the material. It runs in the horizontal and the vertical manner, so you can have the extra wall for support is you want to use it in the either way. This helps to break the misconception that yard signs are cheap are of low-quality.


Shape and Size of Yard Signs


Your next consideration is the size and the shape for making the yard signs a perfect advertising sign. Just you have to several options for material to use, you have to select from as how to design this marketing sign. The very usual shape of the yard signs are the rectangular shape and it will be big or small, depending on the budget you have as it will have the direct impact on the amount of materials required to build a sign. But, if you have more money to spend, then you can go for the large yard signs. The use of the coroplast as material for making the cheap yard signs in order to ensure that you will overspend and that your yard sign can stand out.


There are several applications for the yard signs when it comes to marketing purposes. These can be used in the real estate industries, like for the leasing, renting or selling the house or any type of property. All that you have to do is to place them somewhere which can be easily visible and can be exposed to your target customers.


If you are using the yard sign in order to announce that a house is available for leasing, then you have to place the sign at the entrance of that particular place so that the others can know about it easily. This is an inexpensive alternative to use the modern advertising which utilizes several channels, like the television, radio or the print where the costs can add up easily. With the yard sign, you have to shoulder the cost for one time end expect no recurring costs.


Coroplast Yard Signs


Another common application for the coroplast sign is during the electoral campaigns. Several politicians who are running their own office employ these yard signs as these are cost-efficient and effective advertising or get the attention of the people which you are targeting the campaign for.


There is also a room for creativity in using the coroplast for your yard sign. It will depend on you on what the design strategies top use so that you can easily generate more attention for the target audience. If you try to be creative, you have to learn about the objectives of the yard signs so that you can design it in properly. If you use the yard signs for the business purposes, you have to make sure that you come up with the effective way to convey message of your business.