Why Create Party Invitations Online?



Creating your own party invitations online not only offers a highly professional touch to your invite, but is also easy when you are busy. Planning any type of part can be pretty hectic for the organizer. With the different things to do to prepare for the invitations, you can rest assured knowing that most of the things can be taken care of by a few mouse clicks. When ordering your party invitations, you can choose from a variety of layouts and themes. You should always refer to the theme of your party while choosing the party invitations that you can order.


A few printers will allow you to customize the invitations according to your party décor which can be the best way of setting the tone of the event before the date arrives. A few party invitation websites also ship your invitations for you. Importing the contacts or typing the address of your recipients can be a great way to handle both the tasks in a single step. It is worth it to pay the postage and fee to the supplier of the party invitation so that you can take care of this additional step. It also allows the guests to receive the invites on time so that you can relax.


If you want to mail out your own invitations, printing address labels can be a great way of speeding up the process and giving them a nice extra touch. After the party invites arrive in the mail, all you need to do is stuff them inside the envelopes, put a label on each one and stick them in the mailbox. You need not worry about making your handwriting legible as everything will be printed. If you order your party invites online, you can not only look stylish, but also choose a fast and easy way of getting the celebration started.


Themed Party Invitations


Matching your party invitations to its theme offers guests something that they can look forward to. You are giving them a sneak peek into the fun that you have planned for them. The invitations are the first step for your party. This is why you should have everything that matches with your theme like a big package so that it feels complete, right down to your Thank You cards. You can match the invitations to your party’s theme in various ways. If it is a kid’s birthday [arty, your cards can be featured around a favorite character and then look for party packages that include these invitations.


For special occasions and adult themed parties, you can only match the colors. Adding an image or photograph to your invitations can be a great way to coordinate a theme. For instance, if it is a pool party, you can have a holiday symbol or the picture of a beach ball to drive your point home. Invitations can set the tone for the party before the date of celebration arrives. Themed invitations are particularly important if your theme expands to include guests. For instance, a pool party, costume party, pot luck or black tie affair can be included.


All such events need the guests to attend it wearing something in particular or need them to bring an item to the party, which could be a food dish or your swimsuit. Party invitations are an important part where you need to communicate clearly what the party is all about. Sending out a unique party invitation is only the first step towards making your celebration successful.


How to Write a Party Invitation


Sending out party invitations is the best way through which you can communicate with your guests about what you are celebrating and what the occasion is all about. When creating the invitations, you need to think about several factors before placing them in the mail. Here are a few points to include:


  • Who: Mention the name of the party’s host. If it is a kid’s birthday party, make sure about listing the name of the parents.


  • What: Tell the recipients what the event is all about, whether it is a holiday, graduation or birthday party. If it is a birthday, make sure you include the name of the person and age that they are celebrating. For a graduation, list the education milestone they have completed and the person’s name who is graduating.


  • When: Make sure that you are precise about the time and date of your party or event. Include the day of the week too.


  • Where: Mention the location clearly. If the party is being conducted offsite, which is not at your home, mention the address, business name and phone number for directions.


  • RSVP: Give your guests a phone number that they can use to inform you beforehand whether they will arrive, as well as a phone number in which they can be reached during the party in case there are any last moment modifications or direction changes. Emails are popular ways of listing RSVPs and party planning in advance.


  • Guests: Inform the recipients whether they can bring along a guest.


  • Instruction: If your celebration has a theme in which you want guests to participate, make it clear in the invitation itself. Mention whether they are required to follow a dress code or carry anything along with them to the party. This information should be provided as a reminder during the RSVP call.


  • Teaser: You can get the party started before the actual celebration day by listing a fun teaser or hint on the invitation. If you are planning a game for the party, you may give away the hint on the invitation. If there are multiple activities scheduled, but do not want to spoil the fun by divulging it to them, tease your invitees with an idea to garner excitement.


Remember to test an invitation to see how it looks like before mailing them out. If you are printing it yourself, print a test run. If you are placing an online order, write down the information beforehand to make sure that everything is clear. Check twice after writing the invitation.