Printed Flyers Emerging as New Advertising Tools

With the world proceeding towards greater advancements, business houses have to strive harder to find out the most unique ways for positioning their brand. Advertising is a field of marketing that experiences continuous revolution because its success depends on getting the attention of the ever changing tastes of the target group. Also, it’s a fact that marketing budgets play an important role in the profit determination of any business organization. The best advertising solution that takes into account all these aspects is the use of printed flyers.


55 Catalog Printing
55 Catalog Printing

A Brief Know How about the Flyers


The printed flyers are like leaflets that are well designed by professional designers and printed on glossy papers or any other paper type according to the company’s budget. They are aimed at drawing the attention of the target group for promoting special offers or events. It contains all necessary information about the company’s goodwill and has a great visual impact. There are various shapes and sizes possible along with number of folds. All major business houses are resorting to this marketing strategy because of its affordability and speed of reaching out to the mass.


How are They Used as a Marketing Tool?


Flyers are randomly distributed at places where the concentration of the target group can be high. It is indeed a very efficient marketing tool that can randomly increase sales levels. Apart from the direct distribution of the flyers, they can also be used as a newspaper insert to reach out to innumerable households at the same time. The cost of such circulations is very nominal which ensures minimum marketing expenditure for the company. For generating enquiries, all contact details are given on the flyers so that the potential customers can come into the sales net without delay.


Major Advantages of Using Printed Flyers


  1. They are made at affordable rates and their distribution process is not very expensive. Thus it is very convenient for the new and growing companies who have limited funds for marketing.


  1. It is not always possible for the business houses to go for expensive newspaper advertisements at the times of special offers or events because these may be very frequent. The printed flyers serve a great deal in spreading the information rapidly at nominal expenses.


  1. They are much more informative than other marketing tools like hoardings or newspaper ads.


  1. The flyers can be circulated at regular intervals to ensure continuous brain hammering of the target customers. Such frequent hammerings become highly expensive for other modes of advertising.


  1. A referral enquiry may come in from the flyer collected by one person and shown to another person who has not collected it. The second person may be a potential customer.


  1. It is a completely disturbance-free marketing method for the customers unlike the telephonic marketing or T.V commercials in between the favorite shows.


Characteristics of a Good Printed Flyer


1)       It must have awesome graphical appeal to draw the attention of the receivers

2)       The information should be presented in short and simple sentences rather than lengthy essays

3)       The size should not be too small because larger flyers are more attractive

4)       The texture of the paper should not be very thin as it may create a negative impact amongst the people.


How to Design a Flyer


A good flyer serves as a highly effective tool which can bring about high sales growth. If you print flyers in bulk, you can take your business to new heights. Flyers can be a great way to start your business with a bang. If the flyer printing strategy is good, it can generate better returns. They are the apt source which can render the right media coverage. Flyers can be distributed in a number of ways. They can be handed out individually or given out to a large crowd of people. They can also be pasted on walls. Irrespective of your choice of distribution, it can be a rewarding experience.


You may even have the flyers printed with specific messages on them for increasing your investments. However, it is important to understand the needs and requirements of the business. Be creative when it comes to doing the themes, applying the message and using images and text. You can also include illustrations with word like ‘I’ and ‘you’ included to generate more interest and excitement among your prospective customers. Here are some tips that can help in the creation of attractive flyers:


Choose simple designs as they are not too complicated. If the design has a lot of pictures and content, the flyer can look too crowded. In today’s jet age, all consumers have is a few minutes to read and understand the message of your flyer. Keep it short and simple. This will give them the chance to understand what the message is trying to say. A good layout makes the flyer design stand out without much complex stuff showing. It is enough to use 2 to 3 interesting images.


If you keep the flyer simple, it will also reduce the money which is incurred on the flyers. As not too much specialized ink is used, the design is apparently simple. While 4 color printing is considered expensive, it can be availed at affordable rates. Flyers are cheap materials to invest in, but you can make the most from them with careful planning.


Make sure to keep the flyer content direct. You should know what to put where and highlight the important things which you want your readers to know. The main objective should be to attract the attention of the people. Beware against adding elaborate information that might clutter your design. Readers should be able to observe the information well enough. You may choose from a variety of attractive shapes. If you believe that flyers come in rectangular and square shapes, think again. How about circles, foldable flyers and triangles? You are free to experiment with any concept.


There are many options for designing flyers. All you need to do is be a little creative and get the best results.