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Students also need color copies for printing their assignments and projects. In this case, you will need a printer that can produce page upon page of text and a personal monochrome laser printer. These printers deliver crisp and legible text at a faster rate. Personal laser printers help in producing more pages against each refill unit than the ink

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cartridges, allowing you to save money in the process of trying to reduce your debts as a student. Multifunction inkjets are among the other alternatives for users who want to make an additional copy. Notice that is temporarely using as main domain.

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The relevance of digital printing

The relevance of digital printing
Many of you might have come up with doubts regarding the need of digital printing. As we already told you digital printing is also called personalized printing and it is the USP of this printing. Suppose you are a company owner and you have a product for different age groups of target audience. You cannot reach everyone with the same product brochure. What may appeal to a mature audience may be way too boring for young lot. So you will need different brochure designs for the same product. This is where digital printing comes handy. Being completely computer based you can easily get them customized based on your needs and target audiences.

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This age-old question can be answered by asking some simple questions. What am I printing? Will it be a personal letterhead, full color custom letterhead, business letterhead, charity letterhead, or a  some other letterhead? Do I need one time letterhead printing-services or will this be something that will need printed over and over again? Can I design my own, or do I need someone to do that for me? Can I print letterhead myself? How will I know who to use as a letterhead printing service?Custom letterhead printing has never been easier, you can design your own on your computer, save it  and upload it to the letterhead printing companies. They will make a proof using their software and email or mail it to you for review, you say yes or no and go from there. All of this can be done in such a short amount of time, that you will have your custom color letterhead printing done and in your hands in a matter of days.